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Under the auspice of the license of the Ministry of the Environment & Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic, CLS is qualified and equipped for the handling & transport of dangerous goods including preventative measures, support, escorts and first response capabilities.

CLS also counts with a certification for the handling and transportation of Cyanide by the The International Cyanide Management Code. We can communicate on your behalf with local authorities ensuring your import or export is completed on time and is hassle free.

Feel free to give us a call at  +1-809-686-5302 or send an email at mail@clssa.net to discuss your dangerous goods requirements.

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How do I contact C Logistics Solutions?

You can book with us both full container load (FCL) or less container load (LCL) for FAK (Freight All Kind) and special commodities such as cars and hazmats.

Yes, we are committed to safe and secure cargo shipments. We offer cargo insurance in order to protect your valuable goods and gives you peace of mind.

Premiums depend on the value of the shipment, destination and commodity.

You can always contact our customer service to manage your complaint.

Call us at phone number +1-809-686-5302 or contact us at our mail.

Yes, for the ideal combination of speed and cost. There are many things to consider before using this type of services since not all goods are suitable for shipping in this way.

Our expert freight forwarders are ready to advise you about all the options available for your scenario.